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Volunteer Opportunities

At the heart of our organization is our foster homes.  We can only save as many dogs as we have space to keep and care for.  Our foster parents are our most valued volunteers.  [Learn More]
Volunteers who coordinate and staff our public events are our public relations experts.  These volunteers speak to potential volunteers and adopters about our dogs and our rescue. [Learn More]
Adoption counselors perform home visits and then help our potential adopters find and meet the dogs in our foster system. [Learn More]
Our back office volunteers manage our websites and other IT systems.  They man our help desk and our phone system.   These volunteers help the organization to operate by making sure our websites and systems keep running. [Learn More]
We often have dogs that need to be moved from one area to another.   Our transport volunteers help take our dogs to appointments or new foster homes. [Learn More]
Our rescue is divided into geographical regions or “districts”.  Each district has a coordinator that manages the intake of dogs, medical treatments and the volunteering activities in that region.  We have some regions that have limited operations because we are missing a coordinator in the area.  Additionally, we have a board of directors that is also staffed by our volunteers.   If you have the ability to coordinate people and activities, we want to talk to you! [Learn More]
Each year we run several fundraising events including our holiday donation drive, calendar contest and Friends and Families fundraiser.  We have the ability to host auctions and hold other special projects to get positive publicity and raise additional funds to invest in our rescued dogs.  [Learn More]

Get Started with Volunteering

Volunteer time is our number one asset.  We have volunteers of all ages and walks of life.  Despite our deep and talented volunteer base, we still have the need for more active volunteers.   To find out about our current needs, fill in a volunteering application.  A current volunteer will be in touch with you to discuss how you can get involved.

We do have policies and procedures to follow, so get involved with us, learn our organization and see where it takes you.    Rescuing Labrador Retrievers can be very intensive, but can also be very rewarding if you apply yourself and volunteer for activities.