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Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida adopts out dogs of all ages — from puppy to seniors. Seniors get adopted less frequently because people are afraid of their age, losing them, or the care that a senior may require as he ages. We want you to know that senior dogs need love too, and here are some of the reasons:

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Labrador Retriever

  1. Adulthood: Most of our senior labs are well past the chewing and digging stages of their life and cause less destruction than puppies or younger dogs.  Their attention span is longer making them easier to train.
  2. Peace of Mind: The majority of our senior labs are house trained and can hold their bladder for longer periods of time.
  3. Experience: Many of our senior labs have been well socialized with other animals and provide a good example to younger dogs.
  4. Instant Companions: Senior labs do not demand constant attention.  They are content to be in the same room with you and are happy to go on a simple walk as exercise.
  5. Dignity: Senior labs are typically calmer than a younger lab and are gentle around the elderly and children.
  6. What you See is What you Get: A senior lab is fully grown with no guesswork as to how big they will get, what their energy level will be or other habits.
  7. Memories: A senior lab that is part of your life for several years will you bring you lots of love and companionship for the days you share together!

For more insight into how a senior lab can make a different in your life, read this article by Pam Bishop, “Senior Dogs Living with Senior Citizens“.

Our Adoptable Seniors

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