When 38 pound Declan, a 1-2 year old chocolate Lab, was pulled from his backyard, it appeared that he was on his way to the Rainbow Bridge.  His sister was barely hanging on, and mom lasted just a few days before she crossed over.  The shelter immediately began searching for foster care, but the weak siblings contracted a severe strain of kennel cough, which made their struggle just that much more difficult.  While Declan was under anesthesia, a thorough exam revealed that at some point in his young life, Declan also battled distemper.  The enamel on his teeth is malformed, he sees only large shadows, and has no short-term memory; all a consequence of neurological damage due to distemper.  Despite all of this, Declan has maintained a sunny and upbeat personality.

Declan came to LRROF in 2013 and is still in foster care today.  He is taking several medications daily funded by our generous donors.

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